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Reiki & Crystal Therapy Sessions

Reiki & Crystal Therapy

I am so excited that, as well as distance Reiki & Crystal Therapy sessions, I am also offering in-person sessions as well

Are you feeling a bit run down and a bit stressed?

Do you long for a calm, peaceful and happy mind?

Are you feeling a bit stuck and need to clear some energy blocks in order to move forwards towards the life you dream of?

An individual session of Reiki energy with me will give you a calm and peaceful mind, happiness and general wellbeing, together with restful sleep.

As well as healing, Reiki can also be used to clear deep seated energy blocks to allow you to move forwards and also for manifestation to attract your heart’s desires. 

Jan Taylor

Our lives are influenced by many different energies that we cannot necessarily see, but they have a profound effect on our state of mind and health.

In crystal healing, crystals are placed onto vital nerve centres, chakra points or meridian points on the body.

The stones act as a catalyst to perpetuate and integrate more colours and light into the subtle energies of the human aura.

Increased energy frequencies dissolve and dissipate the dark shadows of suppressed or unreleased pain that cloud the aura, confuse the mind or disease the body.

Crystals can neutralise negative energy, thus releasing mental and physical blockages.

Crystal Clear

Crystal healing is carried out on the following:
– Auric Field
– Chakras
– Meridians
– Crystal Webs

This is intuitive healing and is extremely powerful!

Healing will be given where it is needed the most and will not only clear blocks in the chakras but also in the auric field and meridians where they can be stored and cause repetitive imbalance in the physical body together with emotional stress.

A crystal web will then be intuitively set up for you for your healing to continue for an intuitively guided period of time.

Ancient folklore records include instances where several cultures accredited healing with spiders webs as they were said to be extremely healing.

In crystal therapy we use healing webs made up of various crystals to bring healing to both the physical and emotional body.

Reiki & Crystal Therapy have changed my life more than I could have ever imagined. I would love to help you change yours!

Each 1.5 hour session is individually tailored to your needs and includes consultation time and after therapy discussion.

Health & Harmony Centre

In-Person Reiki or Crystal Therapy sessions

on Wednesday afternoons & evenings at

Health & Harmony Centre

39 High Street, Albrighton, Nr Wolverhampton WV7 3JF

OR via Distance

Just click on one of the buttons below and I will contact you to arrange your first session

1 x Session £48

ALSO – BUY 3 Sessions, get 1 FREE or a FREE emailed reading

4 for 3 - £144

You can also pay in 3 x monthly instalments of £48 for 3 sessions

3 x £48 - 1 session FREE

Distance Past Life therapy sessions also available – Email me at jan@indigosoul.co.uk for more information 

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Chakra Balancing Meditation

Feeling sluggish, rundown, out of sorts?Do you realise your chakras (main energy points) could be unbalanced?Would you love to be able to balance your chakras on a weekly basis?

All it take is 20 mins of listening to my meditation to balance your chakras each week to make you feel energised and ready to face the world again.
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