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First BLOG from Jan Taylor – November 2014

Welcome to the very first blog from me, Jan Taylor. Well what a week it’s been at Indigo Soul headquarters, otherwise known as my house. Last Saturday at midnight, my eldest daughter text me to say that she was not allowed to have her cat at her new rented address and that, if she didn’t find a new home for him the next day, she would have to take him to Cats Protection. After asking her why on earth she didn’t let me know sooner, I said to leave it with me and I would find a home for him. She followed up with “I didn’t think you would be able to find anywhere for him. I’m sorry mama. Sleep well” Nearly made me go into stress mode but I did manage to get to sleep, although I woke up in the early hours of the morning and set to work on finding a home for him.

We have two big dogs so the thought of having him with us seemed like an impossibility. I posted in all the Facebook groups I belong to and also on my personal timeline. Within a couple of hours, I had lots of people saying they wish they could take him in but had lots of animals already and then I had two or three ladies say they were interested in having him. I swapped numbers with the first one and, after giving her more details about him, she said she could offer him a loving home and, as they didn’t have any other pets they would spoil him. I did say to her though that once I’d fetched him we may fall in love with him all over again and want to keep him. She said that was fine and just to let her know when we had had him overnight. My intuition was telling me that my hubby would want to keep him especially as we both fell in love with him when we had for two days as a kitten before I took him to my daughter as a present.

I was spot on; early the next morning my hubby text me saying it was a shame for the cat as he had been pushed from one person to another due to my daughter travelling a lot and he really wanted to keep him. So, it’s been a very eventful week in our house keeping them apart and slowly trying to introduce them to each other. It’s not easy and it’s taught me yet another lesson of patience but we are persevering and giving all of our pets lots of love, fuss and cuddles. It’s really made me think though; if cats and dogs can learn to get along together then why can’t we as humans. The world would be a much better place if we just understood that everyone is unique and different and just “live and let live”. OK, we don’t always agree with other people’s religions and beliefs but why can’t we all just learn to get along together regardless. That’s my message for this week.

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Lots of Love and blessings and thank you for following me.

Jan xxx
Indigo Soul


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