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Drawing in Your Soul Clients

Drawing in Your Soul Clients


What are Soul Clients?

They are the clients that really get you, the ones that are going through similar circumstances to what you did a while back. They are the clients that really need your help, the ones that you love to work with or would love to work with.

So how do you draw them in?

Well it’s simple really. If you have a client at the moment who you love to work with, who really sees value in what you do and how you help them then that is the person you reach out to.

But What If you Don’t Have a Soul Client Already?

Then think of you a few months back, a few years back even. What did you struggle with? What did you need help with? What is your story? What were your pain points?

Once you remember what you needed help with then that is what you talk about.

No one is interested in how many qualifications you have or that you’re offering Reiki or crystal therapy or how you do your healing. They are interested in how you can solve their problems.

State to them what they are feeling right now because you DO know how they feel, you DO know how fed up they are. You DO know how frustrating it is. You’ve been there but what you found was that …….. (you fill in the blank) really made a difference and you came out the other side.

When you talk to people in a language that they understand and give them all the benefits of what you have to offer, the price is irrelevant, your qualifications are irrelevant. They can see from your energy and passion how much this therapy or whatever it is has turned your life around and they want that too.

Speak from your heart and you won’t go wrong.

Do a Case Study

If you have a soul client you have helped who has benefited greatly from your services, do a case study on them. Ask their permission first of course but really talk about how they felt before they came to you and how they feel now. Ask them some questions and pop it in a BLOG or a newsletter.

Your soul clients are out there waiting for someone to help them. I would love it to be YOU.

Dig deep into your memory banks and don’t be afraid to share your story of how you overcame all the challenges in your life.

Shine your light and your soul clients will come.

I have a meditation to attract your soul clients. Just click on the link below to sign up for my newsletter and you will be sent it absolutely free.

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Lots of Love & Blessings




Running a holistic or Heart-Centred Business is Too Hard


Why Should I Bother?

When running a holistic or heart-centred business becomes a challenge, this is a question you ask yourself time and time again.

How do you carry on when you feel like giving up, when you feel like everything is stacked against you and you might as well throw in the towel and get a “proper job”.

You might as well give up on pursuing your dreams, give up on your own business; give up on doing something that you love; it’s just too darn hard.

The bills are stacking up, you’re trying to think positive but you’re worrying for England or wherever you live.

When will you get your break?

When will all your hard work pay off?

Should I just give up?

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve said this to myself in the past but time and time again I have picked myself up, dusted myself and …. well you get the picture. Not really started all over again but I’ve kept going.

I kept going to find the love of my life, I kept going when I lost my job, I kept going when I felt stuck in my business. At 42 and with two failed marriages behind me, I could have easily given up and, in fact, I had stopped looking to be honest but that’s another story I’ll share with you another time.

I felt like giving up on trying to get a career that I loved again after falling out of love with my college teaching career. And don’t even get me started on how many times I have felt like giving up on my business.


Do what you love

But do you know what is the one thing that keeps me going? It’s my why. Why do I want this so bad? What does it mean to me? How would I feel if I could get it?

It is that drive. that passion that keeps you moving forwards. That keeps you trudging through what seems like treacle in the sea of life and, you know what, you have to learn to enjoy the journey and stop and smell the roses. Enjoy each moment of every single day for we never know how many we have got left in this life.


Love is the most powerful vibration there is so make sure you are doing something that you love every single day. As the sign on my wall says

Take time to do what makes your soul happy

It’s never too late to change your life and turn it around if you aren’t happy because it all starts with you. State to the universe that you are more than ready and it is now your time to shine.

“I am ready now. It is my time to shine!”

Abundance of every form comes from within you not from outside of you.

Find Your Passion


Find your passion, find what you love to do, take that leap of faith and set sail towards your dreams. And if you’re already doing what you love but it’s not going quite as you planned then remember why you started in the first place. Is it because you want to help people? Is it because you want people who’ve been through similar challenges to you to get the help they really need?

I’m sure if you dig deep enough you can find in your heart what your love and your passion is and start to set sail on your road to self discovery and don’t let those niggling doubts creep in. Those negative thoughts telling you that you can’t do it. You absolutely can my friend! If I can do it so can you!

I’ll leave you today with a passage from Wayne Dyer’s book “……

“In response to the questions What should I do with my life?, I suggest that there’s only one thing you can do with it, since you came into this life with nothing and you’ll leave with nothing: You can give it away. You’ll feel more on purpose when you’re giving your life away by serving others. When you’re giving to others, to your planet, and to your Source, you’re being purposeful. Whatever it is that you chose to do, if you’re motivated to be of service to others while still being authentically detached from the outcome, you’ll feel on purpose, regardless of how much abundance flows back to you”.

So, in other words, if you focus on doing something that you love regardless of what YOU get out of it. By focussing on love, you are in the highest vibration and you will attract back to you all your heart’s desires. Easy when you know how isn’t it?

Do you have your own holistic or heart-centred business but it’s not going quite as well as you’d hoped?

Do you feel stuck and need some sound, intuitive guidance to move forwards?

Do you feel confused by all the techie and haven’t got a clue how to market with ease?

Do you struggle to draw in your soul clients?


If so, I would LOVE to help you!

I would love to see you go

from stressed ….

stressed mom

To blessed ….

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I would really, really LOVE to help you and watch you shine online doing what you love!

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Lots of LOVE, light and abundance!

8 Top Tips to Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing is super easy when you know what you’re doing and here are my top tips for ensuring accuracy:

  1. Always prepare properly beforehand when asking for someone else,  centre ground balance and be careful. Take your time, don’t rush. Treat it like a proper reading. Ask first if you are OK to ask the questions for the person and always remember it needs to be in fair exchange. You can dowse to ask that too. 
  2. Always state “unbiased by my thoughts and the other person’s thoughts” before you start dowsing. 
  3. Be really careful about how you phrase questions, e.g. Can I ask? …… Will always give a yes. Yes you can ask but maybe you shouldn’t. Should I ask? or is it OK to ask? are the correct ways to phrase it.
  4. You shouldn’t ask questions about someone else, e.g will he ask me to marry him? as this is out of your control. It is OK to ask “should I marry …..” or “can I trust …..”
  5. Always remember that the future can change so you may want to check every now and again if you are unsure.
  6. It is not good practice to diagnose illness with your pendulum. You can dowse to see if someone needs to go to see a Dr but you should not diagnose. You can dowse for chakra imbalance or to check what kind of holistic healing someone needs but you should not diagnose.
  7. You cannot predict a time period. There is no concept of time with “them upstairs” when you are doing any kind of readings. This is why very often timings are out with readings. You can ask if it will be this year, if it will be before Christmas or in the spring for example but timing predictions are not always perfect so bear that in mind. You can get an idea but it’s not set in stone as the future is out of your control. If it was in your control there would be no free will. You can’t ask about weeks or months as there is no concept of that either. You need to ask in days as that can be better predicted due to how many times the sun sets. For example, if you are asking how many days to leave it before someone’s next healing session. 
  8. You shouldn’t try and predict anything about finances as, again, this is out of your control. You can dowse to see what goal you should set or what you should charge for a service, for example, but not about how much you will make.

Happy dowsing!

It’s a good idea to make some notes of your findings with your dowsing and go back over them to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

As always people should take their own responsibility for their actions and if you are using dowsing as a business and charging for someone, always add the usual readings disclaimer at the bottom to cover yourself.

Need a pendulum?

If you would like to purchase a pendulum like the one in the photo above, I have a few available in my online shop:


Want to Learn More?

I have a FREE Pendulum Dowsing Masterclass available here

Love & Blessings

Crystal Webs

What are Crystal Webs?

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for crystal webs dates back to ancient folklore. In ancient folklore there have been records of instances where several cultures accredited healing with spiders webs as they were said to be extremely healing.

In crystal therapy we use healing webs made up of various crystals to bring healing to both the physical and emotional body.

It is also very easy to use healing webs for your own healing purpose done by a distance healing method.

Specific crystals are placed in specific points on the body and left for a few minutes if done on person or for a few days if done via distance. They are super powerful and are always intuitively chosen individually for each person.

What Kind of Webs are there?

Balancing & Calming web used for trauma, bereavement, redundancy, stress, anxiety, depression, an energy balance for children; children diagnosed with ADHA are very spiritual and this is an excellent web to help them to become balanced and calm. I have had excellent results with this myself on children.

Grounding – used when anyone is feeling spacey and ungrounded.

Dizzy & Spacey – Used when someone is really badly ungrounded. Also really effective after someone has had an operation

Seal of Solomon – One of the oldest webs. Really good for energising the body. It can be used for anything but is particularly good when a person feels drained of energy.

Stress & Emotional Upset – Used for break-ups, grief, trauma, job loss. This type of web can also be used to heal stress & emotional upset from the past including past lives that haven’t been properly healed.

Deep healing web – used for anything that needs deep healing. This can be physical or emotional healing.

To encourage Change – Really effective for when someone needs a big shift in their life, when they are stuck in a rut, maybe need a career change or a change in attracting abundance, any time when they need change to move forwards.

For confidence – Used for anyone that needs a confidence boost and is super powerful. Can be used on children and teenagers as well as adults.

Soothe & Calm – Particularly good for ladies after giving birth, suffering from PMT or going through the menopause.

An individual can have 1 or 2 webs set up for them at any given time and we also used coloured webs as well which I will cover in the my next BLOG.

Want to Learn More?

If you would like to learn how to create crystal webs and become a full qualified crystal therapist, check out my Online Crystal Therapy Diploma course.

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law of attraction

The Art of Allowing the Law of Attraction to work for YOU

The law of attraction is there whether you understand it or not. It always responds and gives accurate results to match what you predominantly think about.

The Art of Allowing requires that you are consciously aware of the way you feel so that you choose the direction of your thoughts.

This determines whether you create intentionally or by default. If you go about your day always thinking the same negative thoughts you have always thought and not paying attention to how they are making you feel, you will always attract by default. When you start to take notice of your feelings and direct your thoughts in a different direction, you are deliberately creating.

Emotional Guidance System

It’s about using your emotional guidance system to determine the direction of your thoughts.

You are the inviter, the creator and the attractor of all things that come to you. Once you learn to understand this and learn to control your thoughts, you will have deliberate control of your own life experience.

When you get up and something goes wrong you perceive it as a bad day and then it seems as if everything goes wrong. But when you wake up in the morning feeling good, you have a happier day.

When you think of something that displeases you, it attracts more thoughts of things that displease you. When you think of something that pleases you, it attracts more thoughts of things that please you.

Thoughts Gain Power

The more thoughts you have, negative or positive, the more they gain power.

  • Those who speak more of having money, have it.
  • Those who speak more of being in debt are always in debt.

Same goes for illness. Have you noticed that people who always speak of being ill are always attracting more illness? Whatever you think about you attract and the more you think about it, the more you attract it.

If you see yourself as a magnet, whatever you speak about is drawn to you and the more this gains power, the bigger the feeling.

  • If you feel lonely, you will attract more loneliness.
  • If you feel poor, you will attract more feeling poor.

Monitoring Thoughts is Not Easy

However, monitoring your thoughts is not easy. As well as being a physical being, there is a part of you, your inner being that is wiser and communicates with you. This can be called your intuition and can often be a clear vivid thought, a gut feeling.

Not everyone hears that inner being though so it is best to communicate through our feelings.

Now you either feel good or you feel bad.

  • If you feel bad it means that you are speaking or thinking something that is not in alignment/in harmony with your inner being, your core self, your higher self, your soul, whatever you want to call it.
  • When you are feeling good, it indicates that you are speaking or saying something that is in harmony with your inner being.

Focus on Your Feelings

So it is much easier to focus on your feelings than to try and monitor all your thoughts. If you are feeling bad, simply trying thinking of something that makes you feel good.

The art of allowing also means the you are what you are and that you allow all others to be what they are.

This leads you to total freedom – freedom from any experience that you do not want and freedom from any negative response to any experience that you do not approve of.

One saying which I have always held dear is

“I can’t change them but I can change me”.

In other words you cannot change other people’s behaviour towards you, you can only change the way you respond to it.

Feeling your own inner peace and being able to walk away and not respond means that you are totally free from anyone else’s life experience affecting yours and once you master this you will feel that total freedom.

Another way thinking of it is the age old saying “Live and let live” or one of my favourites “Each to their own”. Recognise that they are living their life experience and you are living yours and you and only you can change how things affect you.

This does not mean that you tolerate them for tolerating is a negative emotion. Rather you just acknowledge they are creating whatever they create in their world from their negative words or actions and you, by simply walking away and focussing on creating a better life experience for yourself is exercising the art of allowing.

Another saying I also hold dear is

“Whatever anyone thinks of me if none of my business”.

It really isn’t if you just focus on what you create for yourself with your words and thoughts. No one else can change your thinking or emotions unless you let them. Think of it as putting yourself in a huge bubble of protection. Anything negative bounces back off the bubble and we all know where things go that bounce back.

Also, think about how you speak to people who are feeling low or ill. If you see someone in poverty or illness with pity and sympathy, you are speaking about what they don’t want and you will feel the negative emotion of it.

If you see friends who are in debt try to see them as really wealthy and if they are ill see them as well and healthy. When you focus on their illness, you feel bad, when you focus on their recovery you feel good and it helps them by sending them positive thoughts as well.

By focussing on their wellbeing, you allow your connection to your inner being. You uplift others by recognising that what they have is not what they want. You uplift them through your own personal example. As you are healthy, you may stimulate their desire for health. If you are prosperous, you stimulate their desire for prosperity. Let what is in your heart uplift them.

Allowing Joy

When you can look into the world and allow joy all the time, you are an allower. When you know which experiences contain joy and which do not and you have the discipline to participate only where there is joy, you will have achieved allowing.

If you watch the news you will be bombarded with things that go on in the world that you do not want. You did not choose to think about them. It was not deliberate but it gives you negative feelings which attract more negative thoughts and creates more things for you to feel negative about.

That is what creating by default is – giving thought to something without being deliberate about it.

This doesn’t mean you don’t care when bad things happen to people. Yes feel loved and compassion and maybe sadness for a short while and then send them lots of love and blessings and move on. You do more good for the world by spreading love and light than focussing on sadness and fear. As I have said before, this is why I don’t watch the news but I do take part in sending love and light to the planet with fellow Reiki practitioners.

The Difference Between Wanting & Needing

When you are focussing on something you want, your inner being gives you a positive emotion. When you are focusing on something you need, your inner being gives you a negative emotion. You are then focussed on the lack of not having what you want.

Focussing on a problem gives you a negative emotion, focussing on a solution gives you a positive one.

Contentment comes from wanting, then allowing and then receiving.

As you go through life and focus on what you do want, the law of attraction brings more and more of that to you each and every day, with events, circumstances and other beings that are compatible to your life experiences and your life spirals upwards to joy and freedom.

Allowing means that rather than trying to get the world to do the things that you like, it is much better to put yourself into the position of accepting that everyone has the right to be, do or have whatever they want and that you, through the power of your thoughts, will attract only unto you that which is in harmony with you.

If you see someone doing something that you do not like you must think “They are what they are. They are the creators of their own life experience attracting unto themselves. I am the creator of my own life experience attracting unto me.

State that to yourself again and again and you will soon realise that they are not messing up your world. they are creating their own world and to them that might not seem messed up.

That which you give your attention to, particularly your emotional attention is that which you draw into your own experience.

Likewise, if others see something in you that they disapprove of, it is not your lack it is theirs. It is their inability to be an allower.

Expecting vs Not Expecting

As you give emotion to your thoughts you launch your creation. If you then expect it, it manifests into your experience.

If you give something you want emotional thought but then you DON’T expect it, it won’t happen.

For example, if you saw a scary movie, you might be really emotional whilst you are watching it but then you think, “It’s only a movie, that won’t happen to me” so you stop it’s creation into your experience.

When you ask for what you want and put emotional feeling behind it, make sure that you expect it to arrive. If you start to worry or wonder why it hasn’t shown up yet, turn your focus to something else that makes you happy and raises your vibration. Often, it is when you forget about something that you show that you trust it will show up and it materialises. Use your feelings as your inner compass to guide you to the life of your dreams and you will not go wrong.

Happy manifesting!

Love, Blessings & Abundance!



Want to learn more?

I have a fabulous Abundance Course available which not only teaches you The Law of Attraction, The Law of Creation and the Art of Allowing but also gives you all my manifesting tips and my daily practice to keep your thoughts on abundance.

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law of attraction

Why Hasn’t the Law of Attraction Delivered Yet?

If you have followed the Secret and the Law of Attraction, you know:

  • To attract the things you want, you need to think them into being.
  • See them, visualise them and expect them.
  • You will then be guided, inspired or led to the perfect action to bring about the process leading to what you seek.

If you take deliberate action that doesn’t feel good, it isn’t right. When you feel negatively about something, you are not matched with your inner being. In order words there is a mis-match.

When you feel good, the vibration matches that of your inner being.

But Monitoring Your Thoughts is Time Consuming

If we try to monitor our thoughts, it is very difficult and time consuming. If we look at how we are feeling, we know whether or not we are in alignment with our intentions, the purpose of our inner being.

These emotions act like a guidance system to tell you whether you are on the right vibration or not, whether your vibration is in alignment to your inner being and source (whatever you believe that to be; Universe, God) and all that is.

  • First you must state what you want
  • Then you must BELIEVE it is coming into existence – the allowing part

If you say you want a new red car, the more attention you give to the thought of wanting that red car, the more excited you get and the faster it will become yours. Once you have created the thought, and backed it up with powerful positive emotions whilst thinking about it, all you need to do then is allow it by expecting it and believing it.

If you doubt your ability to have it or think it’s too expensive, you have hindered the process of creation.

It’s a bit like when you order something from a catalogue or online. You pick what you want, pay for it, get excited and then forget about it because you know it is coming.

When you worry that you cannot achieve a manifestation or get frustrated that it hasn’t come yet, you are focussed on the absence of it into your experience.

Exercise to Assist in Deliberate Creation

  • Take 3 separate pieces of paper or use 3 separate pages in a notebook
  • At the top of each write 3 headings of things you want
  • Under the 1st heading write “These are the Reasons I Want this..” and list your reasons
  • Turn the paper over and write “These are the reasons that I believe I will have this” and list your reasons that you believe you will have it.

The first side enhances what you want. The second side enhances the belief that you will have it. You have accomplished both sides of the creative process.

All you need to do now is continue to want it and expect it until you have it and it will be yours. If doubts start creeping in, read the 2nd side again.

There is no limit to the amount of things you can simultaneously create.

However, in the beginning it is best to concentrate on 2 or 3 things to make it easier to stop doubt creeping in.

  • First there is thought
  • Then thought form
  • Then manifestation

You can choose to positively expect or negatively expect.

The law of attraction automatically adds power to whatever form your thought takes until it manifests.

However, it takes some time and attention to a subject to draw enough power to it to cause manifestation so it is easy to change negative thought form to positive thought form.

Reiki makes it so much easier

I’ve found with adding reiki to the equation, that also adds power to it without you having to think so much and you can add an intention that you are so grateful that you have a positive mindset to help you. You then need to believe it and know that you will create it. I have manifested lots of things through reiki without having to try too hard at all. I also have an intention for myself in my reiki box that I have a grateful, happy and positive mindset. It really works!

What if what you want seems slow to come?

If something you want is slow to come to you, there is only one reason; that is that you are spending too much time focussed upon it’s absence than it’s presence.

Also we should not believe that we are unworthy. We are not here to prove that we are worthy. The very fact that you have emerged in this time-space reality is proof of your worthiness to be, do or have whatever you desire. You are actually here for the experience of joyful expansion.

We should never justify the good that comes to us either..

as this says that you believe in the limitation of resources when in reality there is more than enough for everyone.

When you are in the mode of justifying, you are in a negative mode as you are focussed on trying to convince others that it is OK for you to desire rather than being focussed on what you want.

Creating should be effortless

The only action you need to take is a way in which you enjoy what you have created through though. In other words you need to align the thoughts o your desires with matching beliefs and expectations.

“Action that is inspired from aligned thought is joyful action. Action that is offered from a place of contracted thought is hard work that is not satisfying and does not yield good results”

When you are excited and feel inspired to act it is a clear indication that your vibration is pure. when you are having a hard time making yourself do something, it is because your vibration is low and you are offering thoughts in opposition to your desire.

As you set forth your thoughts of what you want, you must be clear enough that it brings about emotion before you bring about the attracting process and, even then, you must allow it and expect it into your experience before it manifests. That buffer of time provides you with much opportunity to be very clear about how desirable the thought feels to you.

If you are too specific about “how”, your desires will not manifest ..

You might have doubts and negative emotions or thoughts because of those doubts so it is best to state what you want and leave it up to the Universe to figure out the how.

Always add the intention “For your highest good” , state it with gratitude as if you have it already and you won’t go wrong.

If you want some help to change your mindset so you can think more positive, achieve the life of your dreams, and attract more abundance into your life, click on the link below to find out more about my fabulous Abundance course :

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Love & Blessings




The Law of Attraction, Esther & Gerry Hicks

Clearing your Chakras

Chakras are Affected by Your Age

Did you know that we predominantly develop one chakra at a time as we go through our lives?

This can mean that one particular chakra can be substantially blocked if are having  issues at a particular period in our lives, which generally occurs in 7 year cycles, from the day we are born.

Where Does this fit in my life at the moment?

Would you like to know where your life fits in this cycle at the moment?

Check out the table below. Each primary chakra change indicates a significant change in a person’s life. Once you go through the cycle from the Base to the Crown chakra, you then start again. Hence, why a lot of people think of elderly people as childlike.

Have a look at the chart below and see if your current age corresponds to the development description. The ages may not be precise but you will fit somewhere on the life cycle and I’m sure you will be amazed at how accurate it is.

Once you determine where you fit, you can easily determine that the corresponding chakra may be blocked if you are having issues with this period of your life and you can then take action to clear it.

Years Chakra Development Later Years
1-7 Base Spiritual & Physical 49-56
7 -14 Sacral Emotional 56-62
14 – 21 Solar Plexus Personal Power

Moving Away from home

62 – 68
21 – 28 Heart Career & Family 68 – 72
28 – 35 Throat Community & Environment 72 – 78
35 – 42 Brow Question what you are doing? What’s it all about? 78 – 82
42 – 49 Crown Try to resolve the conclusions that you come to.

Think about the path you want to follow

82 onwards
Cycle restarts Do it before it’s too late – Go back to the top of the chart

Want to learn More?

If would like a copy of my FREE Ebook detailing all of this and explaining what it can mean for each chakra if the energy is not flowing properly, just sign up for my newsletter on the link below. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

Chakra Development Life Cycle Ebook

If you would like to know how to clear your chakras using crystals check out my earlier BLOG here >>How Do I Balance my Chakras?

Blessings & Love

law of attraction

Law of Attraction in Action!

You have probably watched The Secret and, if you haven’t I strongly recommend that you do. The Secret brings together the many teachings of well known icons over time in regards to the law of attraction and some practical ways to use the Law of Attraction.

I personally manifested two big things in my life..

after watching the film, by playing the audio version on CD in my car over and over again. The first was my soulmate, my current husband and the second was the money to pay for our wedding which was all touch and go at the very last minute and, in fact, we only received the last amount of money needed two days before the wedding!

Watching or listening to “The Secret” is one way of learning how to use the law of attraction to manifest your hopes and desires but, in order to get a better understanding of how the law of attraction works, I will go more in-depth into the bare bones of what the law of attraction is all about using the teachings of Abraham as depicted by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

According to the teachings of Abraham

There are three universal laws:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Deliberate Intention/Creation
  • Law of Allowing

You must first understand and utilise the first law in order to utilise and understand the second law and then understand and utilise the second law before you can understand and utilise the third law.

Fully understanding each law will allow you to create your life experience exactly as you want it to be. Upon understanding each of them you will realise that:

All people, circumstances and events are invited into your experience by you through your thoughts..

and you will begin to live your life as you intended when you made the decision to come forth into your physical body in this lifetime.

The law of attraction says:

“That which is like unto itself, is drawn”

It is the most powerful law in the universe!

Every thought that you create, creates an energy vibration and the law of attraction responds to it.

Think of yourself like a magnet:

  • if you are feeling fat, you cannot attract thin.
  • If you are feeling poor, you cannot attract prosperity.

Also, it is no good saying “I don’t want to experience THAT”. You are still attracting what you think and speak about so you are still attracting it.

In other words, there is no such words as no, don’t want, or can’t in the law of attraction so you must focus on what you DO want.

For example, if you say:

  • “I don’t want to be in debt anymore” all the law of attraction hears is “being in debt” so that is what you attract.
  • You need to say “I have an abundance of money. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected sources and I am financially free”.

You won’t believe what you are saying to yourself at first but, fortunately, things do not manifest instantaneously so you have time to change your thoughts and your words.

One thing I always do is I state to the Universe:

“My positive thoughts far outweigh my negative ones and are much more powerful”

It’s true anyway but it makes me feel better saying it AND it really works!

The Law of Attraction is always working!

Believe it or not, your attention to subjects, your activation of thought and the law of attraction’s response to those thoughts is responsible for every person, every event and every circumstance that comes into your experience.

They are all brought into your experience by a sort of powerful magnet matched to the vibration of your thoughts and feelings.

Through your feelings you get a sense of what you are thinking about whether you want it or not.

Once you understand this law and begin to pay attention to what you are giving your attention to, you will gain control over your own life experience.

We are all affected by sad experiences ..

tragic occurrences and circumstances we hear or see about but we do not want to attract them into our existence. If we observe, empathise, send love and blessings to all those involved and then let it go, it does not affect us.

LOVE is the most powerful vibration ..

and by sending out this vibration it can make big changes to the future, particularly if more and more people do this.

There is nothing that you desire that you cannot achieve.

There is nothing that you do not want that you cannot release from your own life experience.

Everything you do sparks your thoughts.

  • It can be watching TV, reading a book, scrolling through your newsfeed in social media or even just talking to someone.
  • That’s why it is important to be sure, whenever possible, you surround yourself with positive, likeminded people and experiences to raise your vibration.

Personally, this is why I never watch the news on the TV. Yes I keep up to date with big news online but I only do that when I am in the right frame of mind and then I send love and blessings to the situation to turn my experience and my feelings around.

Thoughts gain Power

As you think or ponder a thought, the law of attraction goes to work and offers you other thoughts, conversations and experiences of a similar nature.

If you think about something long enough, you will start to notice other people beginning to discuss it with you as the Law of attraction finds others who are offering a similar vibration and brings them right to you.

The longer you focus on something, the more powerful it becomes. Whether you are focussing on things you do want or things you do NOT want, the evidence of your thoughts continuously flows to you.

Your emotions are your physical indication ..

of your relationship with your inner being, your higher self or whatever you want to call it, the part of you closest to source. Whether you think of that being God, or universal life force energy, it really doesn’t matter.

The main thing is that you learn to tap into your inner being in order to know when you are not feeling in alignment with anything.

In other words if you are experiencing a negative emotion, it means there is a mismatch with yourself and your inner being.

For example, if you think you are not good enough and not worthy enough of something, your inner being would disagree with that so there will be a negative emotion. If you feel proud of yourself or feel love from someone else that matches with your inner being, that creates a positive emotion of love and pride.

The better you feel, the better the point of attraction.

Let your emotions be a guide..

so that you know whether you are in the process of creating something you want or something you don’t want.

It is hard to monitor all your thoughts..

in fact it is practically impossible so it is much better to pay attention to how you are feeling.

This is called the emotional guidance system and you can easily use it to direct your thoughts to something that changes your feelings.

In order to effect positive change..

you need to focus on the way you want things to be not as they are at the moment.

However, I feel I must add that if you are healing from past trauma, you need to experience these thoughts and feelings and let them go with grace and ease.

There is a process when you go through healing and things can come up several times at different periods in order to fully let them go.

The best thing to do is embrace days when you feel like this, look after yourself, get some rest if you can, let them out emotionally as best as you can, either by having a good cry, doing some deep breathing, getting outdoors to release in the open air, whatever you feel you need to do.

Then once you have let go, see them floating away on a big black dark raincloud and then see the rainbow appear and raise your vibration with something that you love to do.

  • That could be listening to music
  • watching something funny on the TV
  • having a laugh with a friend
  • taking a walk in the country

Whatever makes you heart sing.

Just don’t beat yourself up about the negative thoughts as, once you let them go, you will feel as light as a white feather and you will be able to raise your vibration even higher.


The thoughts that you think in combination with the feeling of STRONG emotion are THE most powerful

Therefore, the majority of your thoughts have no great attracting power.

Also, it is much easier to change a thought in the early stages than when it has gained momentum and more power.

The most effective way to change any negative thoughts you have is to think about something or focus on something completely different that gives you joy.

It can even be something as simple as looking at a photo of a loved one. I used to keep a photo of my children when they were little on my desk so that when they were giving me grief over something when they were teenagers, I could look at the photo of them when they were little and remember the love I feel for them. It’s very effective.

So, just have a go at changing your negative thoughts to positive ones and remember that it is the emotion behind them that makes them more powerful.

Have fun with it and don’t make it a chore as that will give you a negative feeling which will send out the wrong vibration. As the following quote says, it is better to think and wish for things which bring you joy.

“Deliberately guiding your thoughts is the key to a joyful life, but a desire to feel joy is the best plan of all” because in the reaching of joy, you find the thoughts that attract the life you desire”.


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colour healing

Colour Healing for Your Soul

Did you know that colour alone is super powerful at healing your chakras (energy points on your body)?

We have 7 main chakras on our body shown in the diagram below. Chakras are energy points on our body which open and close on a daily basis but can easily get blocked. It is when they get blocked that it affects our wellbeing and our physical body. Each chakra corresponds to a certain colour and is cleared by using something in that corresponding colour.

But it’s not something new. Oh no, it is documented as early as 1550 BC that colour healing originated in ancient Egypt.

Egyptians built temples where colour healing took place. Sunlight was directed through a hole in the roof which was then filtered through coloured glass onto the person lying below.

Coloured gems were also pulverised into remedies to cure sickness and each gem was related to the colour of the organ.

Other cultures have used Colour Healing for centuries

Throughout history there have been many discoveries made by different civilisations that used the power of colour for healing.

The most evident is that of the Indian culture where it is documented about the chakra system and the connection to the colours of the rainbow in the ancient Vedas; the four holy books of the Hindu’s, about 2,500 years ago.

Even an item of clothing heals

Colour healing also used to heal each of the main individual chakras. It can be done with crystals in the corresponding colour for the chakra that is blocked. You could wear just wear an item of clothing to heal a particular chakra which matches the chakra colour as detailed in the diagram below. The Crown chakra at the top uses a either white or a clear colour if using a crystal or item of clothing as it cannot be seen on the diagram.

Ideally, you should have all the chakra colours in your wardrobe but if you don’t, even a scarf or socks in that particular colour will heal the chakra of the corresponding colour.

Your Eyes Feed Your Chakras

When you get up in a morning, if you choose the colour in your wardrobe that your eyes are drawn to, you are using your intuition so, in other words, your eyes feed your chakra system and you will choose a colour for a chakra that needs healing at the moment.

This also applies to eating. How many times have you had a craving for yellow bananas or a red juicy apple or even a green one? This is because your body is instinctively telling you that you need that colour, again to feed your chakra system.

You can use anything coloured to clear your chakra system, a crystal in the right colour, or an item of clothing, or even coloured silk draped over the body. It’s all super effective and super powerful!

In crystal healing we use coloured webs which use colour and crystals to make it doubly powerful!

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SOS Guide to Full Moon Stress

Feeling tired and cranky?

Emotions all over the place?

Not sleeping well?

Did you know that the full moon energy affects everyone but some more than others?

If you’re feeling super sensitive right now as we approach the full moon read on to find out what to do.

Stuff to Release

Did you know that a full moon can naturally bring up lots of “stuff” for you to let go of that isn’t serving you and that can bring up lots of emotions, horrible negative thoughts and bad feelings.

What do you do when this happens?

  • Reach out to a friend who understands what you are going through
  • Call in your guides and Angels to help you
  • Make sure you feel those emotions and let them go, have a good cry if you need to; if you bottle them up they will only come back with a vengeance next time.
  • Remember, that healing from anything and letting go of anything that does not serve you is a bit like peeling an onion; you have to peel through quite a few layers to get to the core of the issue.
  • Once that issue is dealt with, you have to start with another onion, in other words another issue. 
  • Healing is a process and it can take time but I’ve found with Reiki it works much quickly; after 4 years of receiving and practising reiki I am a different person; well not entirely different but I don’t let things get on top of me like I used.

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