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I Can't be bothered to meditate

I Can’t be Bothered to Meditate



We all know that meditation is supposed to improve our wellbeing

But do we do it?


* We say we haven’t got the time

* We’ll do it next week

* We need to sit crossed legged underneath a tree

* It’s not an everyday thing


How many times have you done things on autopilot?


– You’ve drove to work and not remembered the journey

– You’ve rushed your tea and not really tasted it as your favourite soap is on in 5 mins

– You’ve gone on a journey loads of times and only just noticed something?

This is because our minds are super BUSY all day every day

Did you know that having an overactive mind leads to stress, anxiety, depression?

* We don’t enjoy things

* We don’t live in the moment

* We worry about everything we have to do

* Our minds are constantly thinking of a gazillion different things


MEDITATION means you learn to live more in the moment and to STOP worrying, STOP stressing, learn to FOCUS your mind


MEDITATING regularly for a few minutes most days can help you to eliminate those negative thoughts and replace them with NEW POSITIVE ones

It CALMS, It Energises!


Have a go at doing a guided meditation and clear your chakras at the same time

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SOS Guide to Full Moon Stress

Feeling tired and cranky?

Emotions all over the place?

Not sleeping well?

Did you know that the full moon energy affects everyone but some more than others?

If you’re feeling super sensitive right now as we approach the full moon read on to find out what to do.

Stuff to Release

Did you know that a full moon can naturally bring up lots of “stuff” for you to let go of that isn’t serving you and that can bring up lots of emotions, horrible negative thoughts and bad feelings.

What do you do when this happens?

  • Reach out to a friend who understands what you are going through
  • Call in your guides and Angels to help you
  • Make sure you feel those emotions and let them go, have a good cry if you need to; if you bottle them up they will only come back with a vengeance next time.
  • Remember, that healing from anything and letting go of anything that does not serve you is a bit like peeling an onion; you have to peel through quite a few layers to get to the core of the issue.
  • Once that issue is dealt with, you have to start with another onion, in other words another issue. 
  • Healing is a process and it can take time but I’ve found with Reiki it works much quickly; after 4 years of receiving and practising reiki I am a different person; well not entirely different but I don’t let things get on top of me like I used.

If you want to let a certain issue or something from your past that is bogging you down; why not try my full moon letting go and manifestation exercise. It is super powerful and with 2017 predicted to be a year of abundance it’s definitely worth doing in order to let go of the old so you can invite in the new. Check it out here …. 


Also, clearing your chakras can be a massive help when there is a full moon. Sign up to my newsletter in the box below and you will receive my chakra balancing meditation.


Space Cleansing

Space cleansing is not just important to do if you do any energy work but is a must in your own home to clear it of any negative or residual energy. Any building can absorb energy which can often be negative and it will affect the energy of anyone who is occupying the space; often making you feel drained and lethargic. So if you’re lacking in energy yourself, read how to cleanse your space below.

When should you space cleanse?

  • After you remove clutter
  • After an argument
  • When you move into a new space
  • When people move out (renting/students)
  • After a relationship breakup or divorce
  • After illness or death
  • When you buy second-hand furniture
  • Anytime you need a fresh start or change
  • At least twice a year
  • When you feel someone has been negative in your space (even in your car)
  • When you go away 
    • Mattresses hold energy; cleanse the bed and the room
  • Your healing couch after you have done healing on a client 

What tools do we need

  • Pendulum cage
  • Crystal 
  • Smoke
  • Sound
  • Salt
  • Candles
  • Copper Pipe

Preparing to Energy Cleanse

If you are just clearing your own space before a healing you can light sage to smudge into the corners or use tingshas in all corners of the room as explained and demonstrated in my Cleansing Crystals video. Or, alternatively, you could use a crystal spray to spray in all four corners. Any of these are really effective and will clear the energy really quickly. It is the intention that is the most important. You could also use tingshas in a circular motion as I demonstrated in the crystal clearing video to clear your healing couch or even a chair if someone has been sat it in. 

If you wish to take this a stage further and charge for house clearing, you need to be more thorough. However, please be aware that you must be properly grounded, centred and protected before you do this and it is recommended that you have some experience of working with energy before you even attempt it. Often people work in pairs for safety and maybe also to ensure that someone more experienced is working with someone doing it for the first time.


Untitled design-2


  • It is advisable to do just one room at a time
  • Make a plan
  • All rooms will be different shapes and sizes so adjust accordingly
  • Make sure you cover every nook and cranny
  • Clear the room first and then the furniture
    • Make sure you do inside cupboards as well

Energy Cleansing Technique 


  • Using a cage with a crystal inside; preferably clear quartz, walk the line as indicated making sure that you cover the whole room.
  • When you find a dense energy spot, the crystal pendulum will circle until it clears it. Once cleared, the cage will return to neutral swing; forwards and backwards.
  • When you have cleansed the whole room, go into the first corner and use your sound implement. This can be clapping hands, bells, tingshas, rattles or anything that makes a loud noise to disperse negative energy. Repeat exercise to other corners.
  • After sounding, use your smoke implement. This can be incense or a sage smudge stick. Use in all four corners, going upwards from the bottom of the corner in circles.
  • After sound and smoke, put a small pot of rock salt in each corner to draw in the negative energy. Leave for approximately 3 days then put the salt back into the earth. Never put it down sinks or toilets as you will be transferring the energy somewhere else.
  • Open a window if possible.
  • Light a tea-light or candle making sure that it is safe
    • Blue to bring calmness
    • Pink for love
    • Green for balance
    • If you don’t have coloured candles, you can use coloured holders for the same effect

Tips for Cleansing Inside Space



  • Use exactly the same technique for offices, workspaces and homes.
  • Cleanse individual furniture pieces by holding the cage pendulum over the item, wait for the neutral swing (forwards and backwards) and if there is negativity present it will circle until it clears.
  • Always deeply cleanse second hand furniture, even if you know where it came from.
  • If you know that someone is visiting, cleanse your chairs before they arrive and when they leave and, if staying overnight, the bed that they sleep in.
  • If you share living and sleeping space with someone who is ill or grumpy, make sure that chairs and bed are checked regularly.
  • Be mindful when you are staying in hotels etc. Although you cannot use smoke, you can still cleanse beds and chairs using sound, crystal water spray or your cage pendulum. You don’t know how many people have left their energy in the bed and the room. This can often be why you may experience disturbed sleep when you stay in a hotel or a strange bed.
  • Everything holds energy. Even when you receive a gift from someone it will be imbued with their energy, the thought they put into it when buying it and the handling it until you receive it.
  • You can cleanse ornaments; nothing is bad once it’s cleansed.
  • Clear quartz will absorb energy; you can put some by your TV, laptop etc.
  • This all may sound very excessive but if in doubt check it out. You can always ask in your pendulum if a room or space needs clearing. 

Tips for Cleansing Outside Space

Untitled design

  • When doing a house clearing, you need to do outside as well.
  • You can make a plan if you wish and cleanse the whole garden.
  • The main problem areas with some buildings tends to be lie around the perimeter of the building. These are called ‘portals of energy’ in other words gateways for energy.
  • Outside space is checked in exactly the same way as indoors; you walk the area with your cage pendulum and it should be in neutral swing if energy is positive. Do what you can get access to; it will still help.
  • If you find a negative spot, it will circle until it clears, just the same way as indoors.
  • You can use sound, smoke and salt in the area as well if you want to but it is just as effective to put a piece of copper pipe into the ground where you found the imbalance. This will deflect the negative energy away from the house/building.
  • If you cannot push pipe into the earth near the building, put it into a plant pot containing soil and leave near the area. Check how long to leave it for with your pendulum.
  • Copper pipe is also excellent for deflecting energies thrown off by pylons or radio masts.

If you only clear the main rooms that you live in regularly, it will really make a difference; you don’t need to do the whole house and outside too often. Try it and I’m sure it will make a massive difference to your own energy.

I absolutely love cleansing my energy space and do it every time I send energy so the rooms I spend the most time in are cleansed at least once every day and my favourite way to do it is with my tingshas, sage or incense. I also light lots of candles and have salt lamps to absorb the negative energy. It really gets me in the zone when I do my reiki and is so calming.

I have some lovely smudge sticks available in my online shop and I deliver to the UK, USA & Canada & Europe


I also have some fabulous tingshas (my favourite way of clearing energy):


If you have never space cleansed give it go! I’m sure you will love it!

Love Jan xx

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Grounding and protection

Grounding & Protection



Energy work can be very draining for Light-workers. Therefore, before we start to do any energy work or at the start of each day, it is very important to make sure we instil a short routine of grounding and protection.

How to Ground

To ground ourselves we can walk outside, hug a tree, sit outside with a cuppa, have something to eat and drink a glass of water. However, in our busy lives, we do not always have time to do this. There are a number of other ways to ground that are really easy to do wherever you are. I have listed some of them below:

  • Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet firmly on the floor and take three deep breaths, releasing any tension as you breathe out. Then, put your favourite chosen visualisation grounding method in place:
    • A bright light coming down through your crown chakra then through all of your chakras and finally coming out as roots growing out of your feet into the ground
    • A large bubble surrounding your body (this can also be good for protection)
    • Imagine yourself somewhere nice outdoors (your favourite place)
  • Tapping In
    • This is the easiest way to ground and it is so effective. It brings into balance all of the major energy centres and is one of the simplest and most effective techniques for ensuring that a stable, centred energy is kept in place.
    • Lightly tap with fingertips on the area of the upper chest where the collarbone (clavicle) meets the breast bone (sternum)
    • This is found near the thymus gland, which maintains the energy of the subtle body
    • Place your other hand over the naval whilst you are tapping the thymus
    • Alternatively, tap in an anti-clockwise circle in the same area about 20 times



It is also important to protect yourself from other energies as they can be very draining on your own energy. It does not always mean to protect from bad energies; if someone is feeling down or ill, as a light-worker, we can absorb that energy and it can affect our physical bodies as well as our emotions.

There are many different things you can do to protect yourself each day and it is especially important to do this first thing in the morning as well grounding.

Here are some suggested methods:

  • You could call in Archangel Michael by calling his name 3 times and thank him for surrounding you with his protective light.
  • You could say: “Please protect me from all energies that are not mine and all energies that no longer serve my highest purpose at this time”
  • You can visualise Archangel Michael putting his blue cloak of protection around you or putting a protection bubble around yourself at the start of the day so that any other energies bounce off the bubble and do not affect you.
  • You can also say a protection prayer (taken from Kyle Grays book “Angel Prayers):

“Thank you for Archangel Michael for surrounding me in your gentle blue light of protection. I know I am safe when you are near! And so it is!

Never forget to centre and ground yourself before doing any energy work and at the start of each day.

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Lots of Love & Blessings

Jan SIG 2


How Do I Balance my Chakras?


What are Chakras?

The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel – they are spinning vortices of energy.

The earliest mention of the term chakra is said to come from the ancient Vedas – 4 holy books of the Hindus, believed to date back before 2,500 BC.

Chakra healing is based on the belief that in order for total well being to take place we must act on the integrated whole.

Chakras operate like interconnected, self-opening valves that channel universal life-force energy into the body. They are self opening valves and they open and close on a daily basis. It is when they are blocked that it affects your well-being and the disfunction of one chakra can affect another.

Where are they on the body?



White – Crown Chakra – Top of the Head

Purple – Third Eye

Blue – Throat Chakra

Green – Heart Chakra

Yellow – Solar Plexus

Orange – Sacral Chakra

Red – Root chakra


What is Chakra Balancing?

Chakra balancing can be done on yourself and other people. It uses a full rainbow layout which consists of 7 stones of a colour which vibrates with each particular chakra.

Malfunctions can occur when the energy flowing through the chakras is either excessive or deficient

By recognising these malfunctions, you can transform all aspects of your life and that of others, for the better.

The chakra system vibrates to the related colours within the aura and can be balanced very easily using crystals of the same colour. It is the colour that is important not the stones.

What Crystals should be used?

Chakra Point


Suggested Crystals



Clear Quartz






Blue Lace Agate



Green Aventurine

Solar Plexus








Red Jasper


Dark Stone

Black Obsidian

These are the crystals I suggest for chakra balancing, although, as stated before, it is the colour of the stone that is important. Therefore, you can use any crystal that matches the colour of the chakra

It is not always necessary to use all 7 stones. If you identify that a particular chakra needs balancing, you can simply place your chosen stone/s on the chakra that needs alignment. However, I always place them all on as it is always nice to give them all a boost.

Top Tip:

You cannot leave the crystals on too long, they will stop working once they are no longer needed.

If you would like to learn more, I have a chakra clearing course available which teaches you all about the chakras in-depth and also how to balance your own and other people’s chakras via distance. You can also gain an accredited certificate in chakra balancing. Check it out on the link below. 

Chakra Clearing Course

Love & Blessings

Think you ain’t got time to meditate? You’re Wrong



Why Meditate?

  • How many times have you done something on autopilot?
  • Drove to work and not remembered all of the journey?
  • Eaten a meal and not really savoured the flavour?
  • Gone for a walk and not taken in your surroundings?
  • Just noticed something on your journey that you never noticed before?

Mindfulness can also be about living in the moment; savouring it and focussing entirely on what you are doing. Meditation or mindfulness as it is often called has a powerful influence on your health, your wellbeing and your happiness and can also be a tremendous way of developing your intuition. It can offer an opportunity to get in touch with your mind on an intricate spiritual level and it is a state of thoughtful awareness. It can help with stress anxiety and depression, improve your memory and can help you enjoy better and more fulfilling relationships. It can also be effective in reducing the impact of serious conditions such as chronic pain. It can also bolster the immune system.

Different Methods

There are many different methods of meditation. Here are a few of the main ones:

  • Guided meditation – whereby someone talks you through a scenario and creates a visual scene for you to follow or gives you some form of healing by using affirmations which can be set to relaxing music.
  • Breathing and focussing meditation. There is an exercise below that you can do to begin with to practise this form of meditation.
  • Intuitive Guidance Meditation whereby you can ask for intuitive guidance. This could be for a specific situation or you could just ask your guides to give you what you need to know today.

Breathing & Focus Exercise

  1. Sit erect in a straight back chair and close your eyes
  2. Focus your attention on your breath as it flows in and out of your body
  3. After a while, your mind may wander. When you notice this, gently bring your attention back to your breath. The act of realising that your mind has wandered and bringing yourself back without criticising yourself is central to the practice of mindful meditation.
  4. Your mind may eventually become calm or it may not. You may get a sense of absolute stillness. It may only be fleeting but that does not matter. Whatever happens just allow it.
  5. After a minute, let your eyes open and take in the room again.

This form of meditation allows you to observe your thoughts as they arise in your mind and little by little to let go of struggling with them.

You will realise that your thoughts come and go of their own accord and that all thoughts are transient; they come and go and you have a choice about whether you act on them or not.

You can think of negative thoughts as black clouds and watch them float away.

Doing this exercise can put you back in control of your thoughts.

How and When Should you Meditate?

  • Sit or lie down (however your feel most comfortable)
  • Don’t try too hard
  • Don’t expect too much at first
  • Main reason to meditate is to quieten your mind and relax
  • You don’t have to be in a yoga pose or sat upright
  • It can just be focussing on what you are doing and giving it your full attention
  • Play some nice music if it helps you to relax better
  • Light some incense
  • Light a candle
  • Meditating is best practised every day if you can
  • However, don’t worry if you don’t manage it every day
  • 2-3 minutes is all you need
  • Or, even if you only do a 10 minute meditation once a week it will make a difference


  • Meditation really does make a difference to your wellbeing
  • It helps you to quieten your mind
  • Switches you off from the everyday chaos
  • Brings you closer to source which, in turn, develops your intuition
  • Helps with anxiety and depression and other illnesses
  • There are lots of different methods
  • Experiment and find one or more method/s that suit you
  • Do it as often as you can; a few minutes a day is all you need
  • Don’t worry if your mind wanders, just bring it back and focus and don’t beat yourself up about it

Can you really afford not to find the time to meditate. Try it and you will realise all of the benefits.

“Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit” – Jeremy Taylor

 Try out a guided meditation

Enter your details in the box at the bottom and you will receive my FREE daily abundance meditation which only takes 10 minutes. I recommend you do this first thing in the morning or last thing at night before you go to sleep.

Love & Blessings

Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to finding Peace in a Frantic World, Professor Mark Williams
The Miracle of Mindfulness, Thich Nhat Hanh

I’m Not Selfish

BLOG by Jan Taylor – February 2015

I just wanted to share something with you all that has really hit home this week. I am part of a group that my reiki teacher runs called the Reiki Healers Academy. She sends us lovely reiki healing once a fortnight and a newsletter as well.

In the newsletter this week she talked about making sure we take some time out in our busy lives and do something that we enjoy. Making sure we book some time in our diaries for something to nurture ourselves. We very often give so much of ourselves that we get burnout and have nothing left to give. I read it and thought I had taken it on board and entered some times in my diary to take some time out. I didn’t stick to them at all though and carried on working.

A couple of days later, at an advanced intuition evening with my reiki teacher, we did card readings in various ways. It was a fabulous evening; they always are, and my reiki teacher always takes guidance as to who should partner who. I kept get messages to take some time out and to ground, spend more time outdoors in nature and nurture myself as well as to not keep giving so much to others. My reading partner and I were also giving each other similar messages in our readings for each other. I shared how busy I am getting as my business is starting to move forward and that I felt as though I was running on adrenaline. I have been working and chatting and helping people 7 days a week from the minute I opened my eyes to the minute I closed them. I have been sending group healing as well as healing to my reiki box and reiki list, doing free readings and, after a slow period, I have started to work with clients individually again.

The next day, after the intuition evening, I woke up and burst into tears. I spent the whole day feeling teary and knew I needed to take some time out. A friend I had been helping offered to help me with a technical task I needed to do and could not get my head round and I turned off the notifications on my phone, and shutdown my laptop. I spent the day pampering myself and chilling doing whatever I wanted to do during the day. I took everything in my stride, listened to some nice music and looked after me for a change. I normally feel guilty when I do this with what I do but, if I hadn’t have done it, I am sure I would have made myself ill trying to help people all the time. I have decided to have one day off in the week and at least one day at the weekend and not to answer messages at 1.00 am in the morning. It really was getting too much and when I look back, none of it was really urgent.

We all tend to be too busy in our lives to do the things that give us joy in our hearts when, really, a lot of things could actually wait a while. Make sure you take some time out when you can and, if you need to, book some time in your diary just for you. Have a coffee with a friend, have a nice bath, read a book, go for a nice walk, nurture yourself. I should have started to see the warning signs a couple of days before when I started swearing at the computer as it was not loading a photo from my phone. Oops, not like me at all; I’m usually calm and collected. So, if you find yourself getting snappy, losing your patience like me, it’s a sure sign you need to take some time out. Do something for you at least for a couple of hours a week.

“Self-care is not selfish. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”

–Eleanor Brown

Lots of Love & blessings

Jan xxx

Indigo Soul