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Are you interested in developing your spirituality?

Do you want somewhere where you can be openly spiritual without feeling judged?

Do you want to learn about grounding & protection, pendulum dowsing and cleaning your energy space?

Do you want to have an opportunity to learn how to do, practice and exchange Angel card readings?

Do you want to know more about crystals?

Do you want to know about chakras and how to balance them?

Well we’re going to spend time every month looking at how we can help you develop your spirituality and focus on each topic in bitesize chunks


Do you want a safe environment to develop your spirituality?

Do you want a place to hang out with likeminded people?

Do you want to be able to practice new skills, develop your intuition etc.

Would you love to learn how to invite love, light and abundance into your life, set powerful intentions and receive Master Reiki energy to manifest them? I send Master Reiki energy exclusively to the group once a week and help you set intentions to improve your life. 

How would it feel do be with likeminded people who really do get you and feel like your soul family? You will never feel alone on your spiritual quest again. We will always be there for you.
Check out the Indigo Soul Tribe below and take action on your curiosity:

Can you imagine how you would feel if …

      • You received daily support from me and other members in a private group setting
      • You could share your feelings with your soul tribe and receive support without being judged or belittled
      • You felt at one with likeminded souls rather than different to everyone else
      • You received calming, healing and manifesting energy on a daily basis
      • You could ask for extra healing support at times of need for you and your family
      • You could learn to develop spiritually at your own pace in a guided, set structure
      • You had a safe environment in which to practice your spiritual gifts

You will no longer feel:

      • Overwhelmed with all the spiritual information out there
      • As though there is more to life
      • Feeling a bit lost and not knowing which way to turn

Are you ready?

      • to join your soul tribe
      • to be part of a loving, caring, spiritual family that really do get you
      • to see spirituality in a different light
      • to change your outlook on life for the better

It’s time for us likeminded souls to come together and be the change we want to see in the world. Join me and my lovely friends TODAY in the Indigo Soul Tribe.


“We may all be in the same boat but we will get there faster when we row together”, Jan Taylor, Indigo Soul Tribe

I want to help you by:

      • Supporting you on your spiritual path
      • Helping you to feel calm and in control
      • Helping you to manifest the life of your dreams
      • Giving you the love and compassion you deserve
      • Sending you healing energy to really put some oomph into your energy field and heal you on a deep level

You can join for only £10 a month (approx. $13 USD) and you can cancel at any time with no questions asked.


Click on the LINK below to JOIN US in the tribe TODAY:




If you get stuck with anything, please email me on jan@indigosoul.co.uk

What You will Get?



You all get all the following modules dating back from JULY last year:

  • Clearing Your Chakras
  • Connecting with your Guides & Angels
  • Angels & Abundance 
  • Working with the Archangels
  • Introduction to Mediumship with the awesome Louise Palmer of Jonelle
  • Rule Your World – by Cassie Farren – Cassie shares her rules for a stress-free life


      • Group Distance Reiki Healing Sent by me, Jan Taylor, exclusively to the group once a week, aimed at giving you a calm and peaceful mind, better relaxation and manifesting energy to your intentions. To enable you to gently let go of anything that is causing energy blocks and preventing you from attracting what you desire.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no guarantee you will manifest things overnight. However, when you receive Reiki energy on a regular basis over a period of a few months it can and will change your life! In a recent poll in the tribe they all stated that they noticed a difference in their wellbeing after the first healing.


      • Access and support from a closed Facebook group with me Jan Taylor (a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner with a Post Graduate Diploma in teaching and a specialism in mentoring and coaching) and fellow members who have the same interests as you. A safe haven where you can talk about anything spiritual and receive love and support from me and other members and also no one can see what you post apart from other members. It really is a home of love, light and abundance and your own go to spirituality hub!


      • Daily support with different themes
      • Recommended EFT Tapping videos for absolutely anything from extinguishing fear and worry to drawing more money into your life with intuitively guided tapping challenges.
      • Help writing affirmations that you can use daily and, in fact, anything you need help with


      • Guided meditations


      • 20% discount for all my holistic services for as long as you remain a member.


      • Being able to call in Reiki energy at any time that I have programmed for support, protection and disconnection.

Daily Themes

As well as anyone being able to post in the private group round the clock whenever you need any advice or support with anything, we also do special things on certain days.

Angel Card Readings. Members can offer to do a one card reading for each other or simply a pendulum reading or may just request a reading for feedback. We work in pairs and it’s good practice for anyone looking to do readings themselves. We have great fun every week with this! You can learn how to do them with my training videos and then get some practice straight away in a loving, caring, nurturing environment.

Gratitude Day – Where we list things we are grateful for; guaranteed to lift your mood and attract more to be grateful for if done on a regular basis.

Manifesting/Healing Day – As well as normal group healing that I send you all once a week, you have the opportunity to list things you would like to manifest and I send fabulous, supercharged Master Reiki energy to your manifestations as well. I will also help you write them properly.

Affirmation Day – On Affirmation day I help people write their own affirmations and also provide one intuitively drawn for the group.

Sharing Day. For sharing day, we share members special offers, business Facebook pages or maybe just a good spiritual book we have read and help each other out. We appreciate that ladies with their own business struggle at times and it’s good to help each other out by sharing what they do from time to time.

We also have a monthly spiritual book club where members recommend good spiritual books that they have read and I intuitively read one for us to read.

You don’t have to be there every day, just join in when you can and know that your tribe will always be there for you when you need some support or just have something you wish to share or ask about. We do get you and love to share all our experiences on our spiritual journey alongside our everyday lives.

All this for only £10 GBP a month (approx. $13 USD).

A small price to pay to change your life!!


Stay for as long or as little as you like with no questions asked if you cancel

Why Listen to me?

JAN photo

My name is Jan Taylor. I am married with two grown up daughters and three fur babies. After losing my teaching job of 14 years due to illness, I became a Reiki Master Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Business Coach and Crystal Therapist. I loved teaching but the stress of the job coupled with personal stress from my past relationship caused me to have severe depression and that is when I found Reiki. I absolutely love what I do as I get to combine my teaching skills together with my love of reiki, crystals and intuitive guidance.

Nine years ago when I started opening up to spirit I didn’t have a clue what was happening to me. Why was I suddenly interested in psychics and mediums? Why was I feeling like I didn’t belong with the colleagues I used to socialise and have a laugh with? I felt lost and alone and completely unhappy. I attended a spiritual development course with my new partner but felt exasperated as I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. I put it on hold for a while and then started to grow intuitively as soon as I started learning Reiki.

My spiritual journey so far hasn’t been an easy one and I truly believe we each learn and evolve every single day. I wanted to create the kind of love and support and direction I wished I had had all those years ago. I love our tribe; we really do feel like one big happy family and truly support each other every day.

 Does this sound like something you would like to a part of? Then don’t delay, join our tribe today!


You will be part of a private, supportive group where you can gain insight into anything spiritual or just seek support when you have any wobbles in everyday life.

You will also have access to a structured online program to develop your intuition complete with videos, slides and handouts to help you to learn all of the above and ongoing future learning modules.

Stay for as long or as little as you like with no questions asked if you cancel

Don’t just take my word for it, read what others think:

I joined the Indigo Soul family last year in the beginning of my awakening. Although I had been clairsentient my entire life, I needed to learn how to trust my intuition and not doubt myself. Jan made my transition a beautiful and unforgettable experience. I learned so much in such a small amount time…pendulum dowsing… Tarot reading… and Jan was the first person I ever did a Angel Card reading on…and I nailed it! Jan did a crystal healing on me February 2016. Since then, I have been traveling, I’ve received expected and unexpected financial abundance and most importantly, her work was able to revive a gift I knew I had but wasn’t able to tap into…..instant manifestation.

Jan is a beautiful, loving and selfless soul. Anyone will benefit from being apart of her soul tribe family

Thank you Jan😙😙 – Tiffiney, NJ

I am so happy to be part of your tribe! I just felt it and wrote it right now!, Maja, Croatia

“I was in a desperate mindset, physical and emotional pain. Whilst in my quest of self-healing, I was led to Jan Taylor and her Indigo Tribe. Since meeting up with her, I have made tremendous progress towards “all healing” for myself. Mind, you, very quickly too! Jan Taylor is not average. This is for sure. Sending her healing Reiki, amongst much more. My first and foremost is the hope she inspire in me than and now. Almost immediately after meeting online, I felt better very quickly. This solid confirmation sets hope in instantly. It did for me” Thank you” – Elysa, LA

Jan Taylor is a tower of gentle strength. With an inspiring story of her own, she welcomes tribe members under her wings and encourages self development and spiritual awareness. She is keen to share her methods of daily manifestations and empowers intuition to help us enrich our lives so we in turn can be beacons for others. Everyone in the Indigo Soul tribe is accepted as their authentic selves flaws and all but there is little doubt that the insight learned from being a member of the tribe bolsters you up to be the best version of yourself. This is done via healing, meditations and EFT tapping techniques lovingly imparted by Jan. Highly recommended for you to join us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jan for so positively impacting my life. Namaste x  – Nollaig, Edinburgh

I love being part of the Indigo Soul Tribe. .. belonging to a supportive group where you can openly ask for advice or guidance has been so beneficial. I’m a busy mum and a business owner so receiving regular distance healing and taking part in a weekly reading exchange ensures I am taking care of myself whilst receiving intuitive guidance. Jan is an amazing lady who makes everyone feel so welcome. I would highly recommend joining! Cassie, Northampton, UK

We have members from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe so far who are all benefitting from the daily distance Reiki sessions. They have gained so much confidence with the training videos and are loving the support!

You can join for £10 (approx. $13 USD) per month via PayPal and if it’s not for you, you can leave anytime with no questions asked.


Stay for as long or as little as you like with no questions asked if you cancel

If you get stuck with the techie side or have any questions, just email me on jan@indigosoul.co.uk




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