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Do you have your own holistic business?


Would you really love to have your own holistic business but you keep putting it off?

Is FEAR or lack of confidence getting in your way of moving forwards?

Are you lacking direction on where to start or how to grow your business?

Would you LOVE some intuitive guidance?

Would you LOVE to receive Master Reiki energy once a week to:

  • Help you to let go of your fears
  • Boost your business
  • Manifest your income targets
  • Calm your mind and alleviate overwhelm
  • Help you manifest your soul clients


Did you know that Master Reiki energy taps into the highest vibration there is with the law of attraction so I will help you to manifest your desires without you having to do anything?


Whatever your wishes; I will help you to set the right intentions and send Master Reiki Energy to give them a powerful boost each and every week.

Using Reiki to boost my business is the best thing I ever did!


Would you also LOVE to be able to call in energy I have programmed at any time just by saying a simple phrase?

I will be programming energy for various aspects of your business:

    • Dispersing Fear
    • Giving you confidence
    • Calming your mind
    • Protecting you from negative influences
    • Disconnecting you from other energies

This is a group where you can hang out with likeminded people who either own or wish to own their holistic business.

A place for super, super support from me and others who are in the same boat.

A place where you can ask me for intuitive guidance for your business on a daily basis.

Running a holistic business is not the same as any other business so how wonderful would it be to be with people who really do get you and understand the trials and tribulations of running an holistic business.

What Others Think:

Check out this video testimonial from the lovely Louise in the group. I am so so proud of how far Louise and other members have come since joining in such a short time:

Loving this group so far. The Reiki sessions are a good top up for me if I don’t get time for self reiki; I usually fall asleep when I self treat.  I can see this group being very useful to me over the coming months as I venture further into getting my business up and running properly. The IT technical stuff is a god send as I find my laptop like a jigsaw puzzle only I’ve got several pieces i cant find without help. Would also like to thank you Jan for being awesome in so many ways . Thank you Debora xx

JOIN us TODAY and give your business a boost like no other.

ONLY £1 for the first two weeks then 10 ($13 USD) a month with no tie and and no questions asked if you wish to leave at any time.

If you don’t wish to stay after the two weeks there is even a video provided to show you how to cancel.

I can’t wait to help you and watch you shine!

SO don’t delay, click on the button below, and join us TODAY!

JOIN NOW for £1

Lots of Love & Blessings

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